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Bad things are happening –Donald Trump vows to protect Christianity

A video of U.S President, Donald Trump vowing his government will protect Christianity has gone viral. The video recorded before he became president sees him saying he is a proud Presbyterian and thinks the religion is under siege .

He also said Christianity will be protected because “very bad things are happening and called on Christians to unite around the world.
In a now viral video of him speaking at the Liberty University last year ,he said

“We are going to protect Christianity and I can say that.I don”t have to be politically correct “If you look what’s going on through out the world. If you are a Christian in Syria, they chop off your head”Trump said Christianity is under siege. I am very proud of my religion and we have to protect because our religion is under siege .We have to unify and band together.

Posted by on August 10, 2017.

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